I Have a Question About Disability and Mental Illness?

Question by Jean: I have a question about disability and mental illness?
I am so confused. I have read question and answers on disability and benefits. I’m sure you probably heard this time after time. I do not have enough quote work credits vs approval. My husband’s income is supposedly too high also, we have huge bills, medical and the usual but we are also sending two of our ungrateful children to school but we are also paying their bills that my husband was considerate to co sign for over 6,ooo plus whatever they seem to need or want. They are old enough to take care of themselves. But how can I be aprroved for disability if I can’t work but can’t work because of my disability? I have treatment resistant depression with chronic pain. It just seems to be one red string behind another.Any suggestions, please no smart ass answers, it’s bad enough without expanding the problem. Thank you.
Gee thank you mr.Employer. I was being sarcastic about our children. I believe that at some point and time children or ADULTS should take responsibility for themselves and stand on their own two feet. I have not asked for a free ride. I worked while in high school. after that I have worked as a pharmacy technician for as long as I could emotionally. I volunteered as an EMT for eight years. I worked all summer in extreme heat as a labourer and worked just as well as any man. I worked a jack hammer and other responsibilities. I have been a substitute teacher, insurance clerk an ambulance emt driver from 3am until whenever I got off. worked at walmart 11-7 as well as trying to do my best as a mother of 4 children that I love very much. I believe that at some point in their lives they should stand on their own two very healthy capable feet and help themselves. I have worked as a hospice worker. and when I could not work enough to keep a job with severe depression, i tried to help others as
as much as I possibly can. You and people like you are the ones that place the stigma on mental illness that does nothing to help the people that truly need help. Thanks for the compliment on my typing perhaps you would be able to give us a reference to get a typing job. Unfortunately sometimes the system stinks and is full of redtape and it is impossible to acquire the things that we need medically as well as other things. I didnt ask for a vacation but that would be kind. I function as best as I can. Just tonite my friend, you know the ones that freeload off of the people as you. is bipolar and going into severe manic phase, needed medication. Had no money or a way to get her medication either. Thank God, and I pray and thank Him always, I picked her up, took her to the pharmacy and paid for her meds because I suppose you would call her a freeloader also. Can you not get it through your perfect mental and physical being that perhaps we would like to be functional but sometimes we
cannot do something that we can’t do just because we may be able to get a free parking space or a wheelchair accessable ramp. I am not ignorant. I do have different qualifications, I am not able to do the things that I would enjoy and would like to do. At least if we were in a situation and you need CPR, I would assist you or perhaps one of many other freeloading typists would be able to help you. If this steps on your toes then so be it. Maybe, just maybe, you might just research mental disorders and find that we too need help also determined by the severity of our disorders. I am so sorry that you feel that I am somehow taking away from you and I pray that you stay healthy, mentally and/or physically and your friends and family members do also. I feel better that you had the guts to speak your mind, but do you have the guts to do the research and educate yourself on mental disorders? Yes, there will always be disability abusers but there are also those that are disability losers.
One more, a few details, as far as my children are concerned, they are 2 sons and 2 daughters. One daughter is a RNBSN, another daughter is navy retired(she is 30) she is a new lpn going for RN and Forensic nursing, my son is 28, works industrial technology, my other son is 22 and works making concrete materials for contractors. I love them very much but I feel that they should work hard and help themselves also. this is the disagreement that I have with my husband who is 65 and I am 53. Id you have such little compassion for your patients then perhaps you should try a clerical job yourself. I have and will continue by the Grace of God to survive and help others as I have done before and if I receive no governmental assistance then so be it. I certainly would not want you to use any of your tax dollars on me. By the way, my rear end is not any of your business.I am compassionate, care for others before myself, and have you ever heard, But by the Grace of God go I. I genuinely pity you
Attention people-sorry about extending this and I assure you I’m not obsessive-compulsive, but check out this person, the NURSE’S profile, he seems to need some help himself, his profile doesnot read as a nurse. Thankyou all for your concern. Thank God he is not a nurse. He needs to study and I will say a prayer for him.

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Answer by algal04
ur elligabilty is not base on how high ur bills are. Its based on what your household incom vs number of house mates.

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