How Does Amphetamine Affect the Dissociative Disorder -> Depersonalization Disorder. Is There Any Benefit?

Question by ms r: How does amphetamine affect the dissociative disorder -> depersonalization disorder. Is there any benefit?
If someone has the dissociative disorder “depersonalization disorder”, could amphetamine help them focus on staying in reality? Could there be any benefit from amphetamine at all?

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Answer by Donna C
NO… they are bad for you in every way. they eat brains cells and make you heart race so it has to work harder. They are not a good thing to be taking what so ever. especially with D. I. D. your mind is already running in circles and the person sometimes does not know what they have done anyways and speed makes it worse. Give it up and get off it for your won good… start some mental health therapy that is what the best thing to do would be. Good luck I hoped this help you some.

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