I Am Trying to Find Out if Comedian Dartanyan Edmonds Has Passed Away.?

Question by Joyce B: I am trying to find out if Comedian Dartanyan Edmonds has passed away.?
I was between 6/16/07 to 6/18/07. I heard parts of it on the radio.

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Answer by texaslady
Actor/Comedian Dartanyan Edmonds commits suicide


Actor-Comedian “Dartanyan Edmonds” commits suicide in L.A. Home.
Wednesday May 30 12:37 PM ET

Dartanyan Edmonds former star of MTV’s Lyricist Lounge Show” and best know for his role opposite Megan Good in the Universal Pictures comedy Deliver Us From Eva, died as a result of an apparent suicide. The actor was known to have been suffering from depression. And “Often talked of taking his own life at times to end his pain” said a Police spokesman.

Edmonds “admitted himself to an intensive medical rehabilitation facility” on Tuesday, according to a statement released by his publicist, Lashawn Jones-Drew. The statement added, “Because this is a personal matter, it is our hope that the press will appreciate the seriousness of the situation and respect the privacy of his family”. Whom had not all been notified of his death.
Edmonds who would often speak to children at youth centers and highschools about the dangers of drugs and giving motivational speeches was said to have never had any history of any drugs or alcohol use. And was in perfect health. A L.A. County coroner will determine the cause of death later this week.

“It’s so weird because I just spoke to the guy earlier,” said a close friend. “He always said stuff like he would die before he got old, but he always wanted to make sure his family was always secure.”

The friend came to visit and found his body lifeless on the floor of his home. He called police, who arrived to find the friend next to him crying at the site, said Los Angeles Police Lt. John Baxter.
“We saw Mr. Edmonds laying on the floor and had him rushed to a Nearby City hospital,”..
Officers investigating also found a substance tentatively identified as cocaine. But there is no conformation.
The case remains under investigation.

Edmonds also co-starred in other films such as
“A Thin Line Between Love & Hate”, Ride, Woo

His last on screen credit include “Deliver Us From Eva,”

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