How to Tell My Parents I Have an Eating Disorder ?

Question by babygirl(:: how to tell my parents i have an eating disorder ?
im 14 my parents are divorced and ive had an eating disorder for about 4 and a half yrs . i never really noticed until my bf made me realise it.. i still dont really believe it but im willing to get help and i want to get treatment. how do i tell them ?
ps. i really hate when they cry

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Answer by Mark
tell them straight out, they’ll be happier you told them then keeping it a secret and hurting yourself in the process.

Answer by Mama Angie
If you say straight out “I have an eating disorder”, their automatic reaction may be to say “no, you don’t” simply because that’s kind of a natural reaction. Instead, maybe you could tell them “I want to talk to someone about some thoughts I have about food”. That’s a solution, not a problem, and they may react better to that. Good luck!

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