Online Ocd Teen Support Groups?

Question by For God So Loved The World…: Online ocd teen support groups?
I have a lot I need to say…and I just need someone to say it to…can someone send me a link or something? please…

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Answer by Jerry

See At they have scheduled weekly chat on a range of topics. Also, Also & Join [free] at and click on “groups”, in an upper toolbar, select: “other”, and type: “OCD” in the bar provided; choose a group, maybe changing later, possibly exchanging email addresses. Also, Yahoo!: groups, and Google: groups. There are other websites for support groups, too: use the WebFerret search engine, or your own. See where there is a chatroom, and on joining [free] you are permitted one free email to their resident therapist (I haven’t tried this, yet). Others recommend Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which is known to work well with people experiencing moderate depression, or Exposure Response Prevention therapy (which sounds promising), but it will be some time yet before the most effective form of therapy for OCD is determined.

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