How Should I Go About Getting Physical Therapy Hours?

Question by : How should I go about getting Physical Therapy Hours?
I want to be a PT but you need lots of volunteer hours before you can apply. I would much rather get a paid volunteer job, but how do I go about getting these hours? Should I just go to PT office with my resume?

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First, “paid volunteer” is an oxymoron. “Volunteer” implies you do it for free.

What you probably want to look into is becoming a physical therapy or rehab “aide” which is an on the job trained position where you assist the therapists and clerical staff. It doesn’t pay much and these jobs are far and few between, but are good experiences for future PT students. However, in these cases, they are usually looking for someone to come on board for somewhat of an extended commitment…not someone who is looking to get their 50 hours and get out. If you are looking for this type of position, inquire at local hospital or therapy company HR departments to see if they have an aide position open. For small, private owned clinics, you make need to search the local want ads or call the clinic itself. A resume would certainly be handy.

If you are looking to get in and get out, don’t count on a paid position. Start by just contacting the volunteer department of a health care facility.

Most clinics are willing to accommodate volunteers. We’ve all been there and had to do it….

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