I’m a 15 Year Old Girl Suffering From Bulimia, Any Ideas on How to Stay on the “Right Track Towards Recovery”?

Question by Megs: I’m a 15 year old girl suffering from Bulimia, any ideas on how to stay on the “right track towards recovery”?
I was Bulimic for 6 monthes, purging 6-7 times a day. I spent about 6 weeks in an insitute, getting help and it changed my life. I want to stay on the right track but at the same time loosing weight the right way.

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Answer by Lena D
Go for a very loooooong, slow walk every day- it won’t burn so many calories that you can’t stay healthy and recover, but you will feel good about excersising and not getting heavy (which you won’t anyway, unless you eat siz tubs of ice cream a day).

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