How Is Drug Testing Welfare Recipients an “Invasion of Privacy”?

Question by Iron_Plague: How is drug testing welfare recipients an “invasion of privacy”?
Many jobs now require drug testing as a condition of employment. So, how exactly is drug testing of welfare recipients an “invasion of privacy” when testing someone before they get a job, and then administering random drug tests during their employment not an invasion of privacy?
Richard B: What about Public sector jobs?

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Answer by Merkon
Jobs requiring drug testing are STILL an invasion of privacy, dude. Just because an atrocity gradually slips into “social acceptance” doesn’t make it any less of an outrage.

EDIT: jj has it absolutely correct. Conservatives are SO emotional when it comes to things like drugs, sex, etc. They make EMOTIONAL decisions about a person’s personal choices, which wind up costing the American taxpayer millions more.

It makes no sense, but it makes them feel like “good Christians.”

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