My Friend Went to the Hospital and I Feel Like It’s My Fault?

Question by Maddie: My friend went to the hospital and I feel like it’s my fault?
One of my best friends has an eating disorder. She just doesn’t like eating food in general and it ’causes her to have constant stomach ache. She recently had started taking pills that help people lose weight and I was the only person who knew about it. I tried to convince her out of it but she said it made her happy and she would stop soon. Her Mom must have found out because she sent me a message on Facebook saying she was going to “some kind of hospital” and she couldn’t tell me where or why. Should I have told someone about the pills? Is this my fault? ‘Cause I really feel like it is.

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Eating Disorders and the hospital is a bad mix! – Got shouted at by ignorant doctors who haven’t got a clue about bulimia and thought that telling me off would just fix me!


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