Urgent! HK Lai Chi Kok Reception Center. “Case: Drug”?

Question by graccam: Urgent! HK Lai Chi Kok Reception Center. “Case: Drug”?
Professional opinions are urgently needed!

My friend has been suffering from insomnia for more than 8 years and has been diagnosed to have Depression in Psychiatric Specialits. However, due the the insufficient no. of sleeping spills given by the psychiatrist, he bought the over-the-counter sleeping spills namely Dopareel (but I also heard some ppl called it A.P.O). He had once been penalised for bout $ 2000 as keeping this ‘toxic’ drugs in 2007. Before the Chinese Lunar Holiday, he was caught by the ploice.and this time the case was brought to the court again. He was sent to the Lai Chi Kok Reception Center and will be staying there until 23/4 for the sake of getting the “Report”. I am not sure of what kinda the report is about. should be about whether he’s got any addiction of the drug. In addiction, he needs to consult the psychologist in late April.
The questions I wanna ask are:
1. Will the stay be prolonged in the Center?
2. How could he seek legal aids?
3. The 1st time urine analysis shows that it is PURE. and what would he be sent to the Reception Center?
4. How how probably he will be sent to the prison/ Hei Ling Chau Addiction Treatment Center?

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Answer by craftylass
Your friend needs to contact an attorney. The attorney will be able to answer these questions. He (or you, or a friend) should be able to ask the authorities at the center how to obtain legal aid.

Good luck.

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