Ok, So Not That I Know How You Feel About Angelina, Let’s Turn Our Attention to Brittney Spears…?

Question by ? terry g ?: Ok, so not that I know how you feel about Angelina, let’s turn our attention to Brittney Spears…?
Do you think she is the product of Hollywood pressures? Do you think she is watched too closely and is really not such a dysfunctional young woman? Let loose and tell me what you think…
Sorry, that should say- ‘Ok, so NOW… ‘

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Answer by Alessa
I think that she is a product of Hollywood too. I think that any children that grow up in the spotlight tend to also hit rock bottom – Drew Barrymore, River Phoenix, Lindsay Lohan, etc. I also think that KFed took advantage of Britney’s naivety and she is now bound to him forever, ugh!!! He just wants more money from her and that is the only reason he went for custody otherwise he doesn’t really care about the kids. Britney needs to further her downward spiral – she hasn’t hit rock bottom yet or else she would be turning her life around. She has some real issues and needs to be speaking with a counselor – both drug and psychiatric.

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