How Do I Recover From Not Eating Much and Not Gainig Weight Back?

Question by seventeen: How do I recover from not eating much and not gainig weight back?
I haven’t ate much in the past couple of weeks and I’ve become really skinny. I’m about 84-85 pounds. I lost my butt, so that’s the last straw. Anyway, I heard that people recovering from a “disorder” (still not quite sure if that’s what I had) lose their metabolism so whatever they do eat is stored as fat? Is there a process I can do to avoid this? No one really knows about my eating issues and my parents don’t care enough to notice.
I’m only 4’11 so being 85 pounds really isn’t a bad thing. I would be dead if I were like 70 or something.

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Answer by H
You’re lucky you aren’t dead right now…and you’ve been doing this far longer than a few weeks,

You have severe anorexia…and bulimia if you threw up every time you ate. You need to see a doctor who treats eating disorders immediately. They can help you with diagnosis and recovery. You need to put weight back on but slowly and in a certain way. Only a doctor and nutritionist trained to deal with eating disorders can assist you on this.

Fat is not a bad thing. Your body needs it. Your organs need it. Healthy fats are essential to survival so you have to gain weight.

The thing you need to be worrying about it your organs malfunctioning or your body collapsing on you. You’ve put your body under a great straing which means organs are working overtime to keep you alive. This is NOT healthy in any way.

Please see a doctor, go to a hospital, tell a teacher, counselor, a friend and their parents, other family members…anyone that can get you the help you need. This is not something you can do alone.

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