McResource Line to Workers: Shut Up and Chew Gum

McResource Line to workers: Shut up and chew gum
It also suggested that employees separate their food into more pieces to create the illusion of fullness after an insufficient meal (McDonald's has the gall to label this as "dietary advice"). If that weren't enough, the company advises people still … Read more on Party for Socialism and Liberation

No time to sit around and grow old
In 1937, at the height of the Depression, Myers began working at a nearby General Electric plant making electrical transformers. During World War II, … For Myers, exercise is a way of following her father's advice from her childhood. “Do right and be … Read more on

No two ways about it
As well as being important for healthy teeth and bones, vitamin D is needed to maintain a healthy immune system and deficiency has recently been linked to a wide range of serious conditions, from heart disease to depression. Indeed, so concerned are … Read more on Pune Mirror

Cure Depression – Subliminal Healing
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