Brooke Mueller Agrees to Have Twin Boys With Charlie Sheen Tested for Fetal

Brooke Mueller Agrees to Have Twin Boys with Charlie Sheen Tested for Fetal
According to Radar, Mueller reportedly went to rehab twice while she was pregnant with Bob and Max for an alleged addiction to crystal meth. The source claims that she "did indeed also drink large amounts of alcohol while pregnant. This was on top of … Read more on Headlines & Global News

October Blahs Take Beatings From Vegas To India
Earlier this month, at a time when the Chase was still fairly wide open, Gordon shuffled onto the stage in the Kansas Speedway media center to talk about the pre-race open test and life in general. He looked fatigued. His spiel was … Then, the rehab … Read more on

The toll it takes
Before checking into rehab for the second time, his drug and alcohol use had gotten so bad that his stomach was covered in ulcers. … Jill Royston works for the Student Health and Wellness Center, which is not affiliated with Fight the Good Fight. She … Read more on Bulletin (subscription)