How Can I Get Help for Depression?

Question by Talker: How can i get help for depression?
I think I have depression, but feel like i don’t have anywhere to go. My parents are very religious and think that if i am depressed it means I am not close enough to god and just need to pray more. My dad doesn’t have a job right now, so paying a lot of money (even if i could convince them that depression existed) I don’t want to act emo because i am not. I just want to get help for a medical condition and don’t know what i can do. It is getting really bad and i don’t know how much more i can handle. The people at school cant help me without my parents permission because i am under 18. I know that if i talk to them about it that they will dismiss it; i have already tried that. so does anybody have any suggestions?

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Answer by clare18
If you find it really difficult to talk to your parents about it write it down and give it to them.Explain it to them.If they cant help you then you will have to go to another adult that will understand you e.g aunt/uncle/teacher.Then hopefully they could talk to your parents.Good luck

Answer by Simone D
In most states, as long as you are 13 and over, you can get mental health services without your parents’ consent, or even with them being notified. I work with students in a school, and if they are 13 or over, I’m not even allowed to talk to their parents unless the student signs something to give me permission. Please talk to your school counselor. You can also look in the phone book under “counseling” and find a community mental health clinic. Often these places will offer counseling on a sliding-fee scale, meaning that they charge according to how much you can (or can’t) afford.


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