My Best Friend Is Really Really Sick, I Need Help.?

Question by Ally!: My best friend is really really sick, i need help.?
My best friend has an eating disorder and is developing bulimia, im so worried for her, i talk to her parents and her other best friend but we don’t know what to do, she goes to clinic, to receive help but she is stubborn and won’t take it, it is really upsetting for me and i don’t know what i can do to help. Any advice anyone?

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Answer by dyrim93
You have to somehow force her to get help That’s the only way she’ll get better since she clearly needs it. So, it might be really harsh to force her into something but if you really love her, maybe that’s the best thing?

Answer by Janie
You might want to consider staging an intervention. You will need a counselor or other professional to mediate the actual intervention, and to guide you through the steps leading up to it. You could look up “treatment centers” or “counseling” in the yellow pages or online along with your city and state name. Perhaps it might work to search “eating disorder interventions”. I wish you the best of luck. Your friend is lucky to have people like you who care.

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