Exercise and Depression


Exercise and depression – Sorry it’s late, my internet was being an arse yesterday! So here’s my video on how exercises helped me with my depression and then some general rambling abo…


Ask Dr. K: Prednisone works well on PMR
Without treatment, PMR can cause fatigue and loss of appetite. Weight loss is common, as is depression. In addition, many people complain of low-grade fever. PMR doesn't typically respond to medications that relieve most joint and muscle pain. Read more on Monterey County Herald

Takeda And Lundbeck Present Results From Pivotal Phase 3 Clinical Trials With
"It is important that we continue to seek new options in depression because, even though there are effective treatments available, many patients remain symptomatic," said Madhukar Trivedi, M.D., professor of psychiatry, UT Southwestern Medical Center. Read more on MarketWatch (press release)

Astronaut Chris Hadfield's toughest task could be accomplishing new mission
His next step, after leaving NASA, was selling Cadillacs in Texas while battling depression and alcoholism. With the words of a poet, he described his post-mission meltdown as “the melancholy of things done.” There … Dave Williams, who spent nearly a … Read more on Toronto Star

This Israeli Orthodox Professor Discovered a Treatment for Alzheimer's – and
MAOa inhibitors are effective drugs in treating depression, but not used due to serious side effects called “cheese effect” – MAOa used digestive enzymes dissolution as tyramine, found in various foods such as cheese. MAOa delay gastrointestinal causes … Read more on Jewish Business News