How My Depression Started


How My Depression Started – In this video i am talking about how my depression started and how it affected me, and how it changed me to who i am today. Any questions or requests comment…


SE counselor: Suicide is preventable
Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad, but those emotions are typically short and go away within a few days, a SE counselor told students last week. However, when one experiences depression, it can disrupt life and cause suffering for the individual … Read more on The Collegian

Victim claims alleged rape caused her eviction
Pam admitted having had several welfare calls served at her apartment. "I suffer from bi-polar disorder and depression," she said. "When my counselor can't get ahold of me, she will have the cops come check on me." Hisel said Pam has had her own runin … Read more on Chickasha Express Star

The truth about school counselors
What is a counselor? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her/his best in order to discover what she/he already knows. A believing and compassionate listener and advocate, I had the … Read more on North Fort Myers Neighbor