Are There FREE or LOW COST in-Patient Alcohol Rehab Centers in Texas?

Question by lina77: Are there FREE or LOW COST In-Patient Alcohol Rehab centers in Texas?
I’m looking for a 14 day low cost or possibly free alcohol rehab center for a non-insured patient. I know AA is free but I’m looking for an in-patient setting. Really need to help a friend in need!!

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Answer by Amaretta
Here’s a listing for you:

Former baseball star to open drug treatment center
The couple recently opened a drug and alcohol treatment center in central Florida. They help operate another treatment center in Texas. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( )) reports that Oglethorpe Inc. has filed an application with the state …
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Ethan Couch's family has reached settlements with two of the three families of
Ethan Couch, the teen whose lawyer argued that he had 'affluenza' after his wealthy parents coddled him into a sense of irresponsibility, is currently in state custody and is expected to receive alcohol and drug rehab. Youth pastor Brian Jennings and …
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