Can Having an Eating Disorder Hurt You During Surgery?

Question by Shelby U: Can having an eating disorder hurt you during surgery?
I don’t know if I have an actual “eating disorder”, but I am trying to lose a lot of weight in a quick amount of time. Whenever I get like this, I barely eat, & when I do, I throw it up. I know it’s bad, & I’m not looking for people to tell me that it’s bad, because at the time, it’s facts. I’m getting surgery on my stomach for endometriosis in a couple weeks, & I’m wondering if sudden weight loss can cause cardiac arrest or anything like that?

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Answer by Lardiver
yes. the doctor docent like it when you eat Will he is doing surgery on you.

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My Eating Disorder – My Parents Answer your Questions – My mom and dad were amazing enough to answer some questions you guys asked about what it was like for them when I was struggling with an eating disorder. They felt it was important to give some advice to you parents and loved ones of people suffering from this, and to share their experiences for this series. It was difficult for us to talk about, and I realized it was the first time we’ve really sat down to discuss our feelings around this. I’m so grateful that they were brave enough to do this with me. I love you mom and dad!! Thank you so much!! And thank you all for watching!! Please leave your comments and questions below. I love hearing from you guys!! Next week I meet Jonathan (my personal trainer) for the first time in NYC!!! Follow me! fbook: and twitter: SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEW SUBSCRIBE to THEMOMSVIEWTOO SUBSCRIBE to CARLIESTYLEZ SUBSCRIBE to KATILETTE SUBSCRIBE to MIYA SUBSCRIBE TO BELLAMISHELLA ___ parents, family, body image, eating disorder, mental, mom, mother, dad, father, experience, questions, answers, weight, fat, skinny, church, signs, symptoms, problems, eating habits, denial, daughter, exercise, cheerleaders, strength, muscle, addiction, sickness, fear, cry, afraid, dangerous, sad, therapist, hypnotist, attack, relationship, man, money, women, blame, brother, sister, friend, emotions, healthy, patient, brave, counseling, proud


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