Dr. Daniel Le Grange on Adolescent Eating Disorders and Causes


Dr. Daniel Le Grange on Adolescent Eating Disorders and Causes – Daniel Le Grange, professor of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience and director of the Eating Disorders Center at theUniversity of Chicago Medical Center, talks about the differences in treating eating disorders in adolescents and adults, and what little is know about the causes of eating disorders. For more information: sciencelife.uchospitals.edu This video is part of a recurring feature on the ScienceLife blog where a University of Chicago Medical Center expert will address – in a series of short Q&A-style videos – frequently asked questions about a popular medical topic. These videos accompany stories posted on the blog, and are meant to offer clear, accurate information about common diseases and the accepted medical treatments currently available.


Should insurers cover eating disorder treatment?

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The problem with covering eating disorder treatments, insurers say, is there's no universally recommended care plan for treating anorexia and bulimia, reported Kaiser Health News. That's because "there's a lack of evidence for what works and what doesn …
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