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Shock Therapy – Treatment for Depression – Carol Kivler – – Carol Kivler has written a book called “Will I Ever Be the Same Again?” telling people her story to raise awareness and combat the stigma of shock therapy. In this video, Carol talks about her experiences with shock therapy, also known as electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, as a treatment for clinical depression, as well as the model she created to help those suffering from clinical depression to stay in recovery for longer periods of time. You can buy Carol’s book at


Hospital gave my mother 'electric shock therapy against her will' says Zac

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Electroconvulsive therapy — placing electrodes on a patient's temples to deliver an electrical current under anaesthetic — is used to treat severe depression and in some cases schizophrenia. It is designed to induce a seizure which can last for up to …
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Anger over patient's electro-shock therapy

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Her mother was first admitted in the summer of 2011, having had psychotic depression diagnosed. During that time she would visit and bathe and feed her mother, as she said she often found … In a letter in response to the latest complaint made by Miss …
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