Eating Disorder Help “GREEN LEMONADE”


Eating Disorder Help “GREEN LEMONADE” – Shan Larter here again with more eating disorder help for you, this time using another power-packed homemade super-juice to give you the physical healing support you need on your eating disorder rehab journey. Before we go any further I have to tell you So many of you have been REALLY impressing me by making these smoothies in your OWN kitchens with such success! YOU are reporting that: • YOU are LOVING the taste of these powerful smoothies, • YOU are feeling physically energized, • YOU are thinking clearer and feeling calmer, AND… • YOU are acting out less restricting, bingeing & purging because of this ‘non-triggering’ way to get all your nutrients in. • SOME of you are even reporting ZERO triggering episodes or eating disorder behaviours since you began your smoothie regimen! WOW! I am so proud of you for watching the videos AND really put them into action! Recovery happens in the ‘doing’ so take a moment to really acknowledge yourself for the steps you’ve made closer to your OWN eating disorder freedom, and whatever you do, don’t stop now! Keep going! Today I am switching it up by using my juicer and showing you a STAPLE in my eating disorder freedom journey, and something I am positive was a HUGE contributor to my physical healing. So tune in… take notes…get out to the grocery store… and get juicing! Last thing… remember that eating disorder help DOES involve more than just eating food. I coach from the holistic approach


Funding woes close eating disorder clinic

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The non-profit organisation in Epsom aimed to prevent eating disorders such as anorexia through counselling, education and research. … The Eden Counselling board released a statement confirming counselling and support had turned private. "In response …
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