Does Anybody on Here Suffer From Bipolar Disorder?

Question by MusicDFX: Does anybody on here suffer from Bipolar Disorder?
Hey, has anybody on here got Bipolar Disorder? If yes, could you please describe what it actually is, or how you feel with it? Thanks!
@Gardensallday. Yeah, that’s what I thought it was like. I think i may have developed it within the last year or two, but I haven’t been to a doctor or anything, I’ve just been kind of waiting to see what happens with it. But I think it’s time to go see a doctor, what medication have you been on and if you say the medication made you worse, how do you cope with it personally?

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Answer by PokeMaster
Yes. I do. It’s a terrible thing, it can cause violent mood swings, and have different episodes (maniac or depressional episodes). You can read more here:

Answer by gardensallday
Horrifically depressed for months at a time, most years, manic once in awhile, for weeks at a time. I’ve only had full blown mania once, or three times, depending on who you ask. I only was self destructive with mania once, whcih is why I say once, but my therapist says she’s seen full blown mania, so I dunno. People whose moods switch around all the time don’t have bipolar. The moods seem to come on for no reason, and last a very long time. In between moods, I’m normal (not the 15 years I was on the “medications” though. They made me so much worse off). The depression is so bad you just can’t do anything.

EDIT I gave up with the psych drugs 3 years ago because I was out of treatment options (25 drugs over 15 years). I even had ECT. 2 years after I got off the drugs, my ability to think came back and continues to improve now, after 3 years. Off drugs now, I am in my first normal mood (no depression, no mania) for 20, yes 20!!!!!! years. The drugs are just that-drugs to make patients oblivious. The drugs are there to make OTHER people happy because many prefer a stoned person to a crying or manic person. Obviously, I grossly simplify a complex issue. I still am depressed most of the time, but the horrific agitation (akathisia) is gone, which I had for years. Docs said it was me, but it was the damned drugs. The well-meaning psychiatrists took my miserable life and turned it into a living hell. I was depressed only part of the time before “treatment” and extreme agitation layered upon depression is impossible to describe clearly. MANY people have experiences like I did with psychiatry. When I quit the drugs, the groundbreaking book Anatomy of an Epidemic happened to get a great review in Time, so I got that book a few months later, and it helped me stick to my guns when the well-meaning psychiatrists kept pushing antipsychotics at me.

Email me with your regular email & I’ll give you my depression tips. It’s too long for the yahoo answer emails. good luck!!

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