Depression Tips: How Bright Light Therapy Can Help You


Depression Tips: How Bright Light Therapy Can Help You – Get more information at Bright light therapy can help lift your depression. This video describes how you can use it to help you feel better soon! It features Dr. Vince Caimano who has worked with hundreds of people suffering with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety. He is also the founder of Live Depression Support Group a web meeting service that helps and encourages people living with depression.


Depressed Swedes get bus stop light therapy

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An energy company in Umeå, northern Sweden, has installed phototherapy lights in the city's bus stops to combat the short days, lack of sunlight, and residents' depression. Snow and winter's chill set to grip Sweden (26 Nov 12); Santa Winter Games draw …
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Light therapy at Swedish bus stops to cheer commuters

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Over the next three weeks, the company will help commuters combat winter depression by installing light therapy panels at 30 bus stops. The bus shelters' illuminated advertising boards were replaced Monday by special light therapy lamps. Five of them …
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