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The New Gateway Drugs

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For Wayne Campbell and his wife, Christy, the full impact that something wasn't right hit after the first round of rehabilitation didn't work for their oldest son, Tyler. The Pickerington native had earned a scholarship after walking on to the …
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Medical support not jail sentences for mentally ill and drug users, says poll

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Around seven in 10 people (69%) believe treatment for drug addiction would be the most effective measure to reduce reoffending among women who commit non-violent crimes. The poll of around 1,550 people finds that 68% think support to tackle alcohol …
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Do romantics need to go to rehab?

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“You may be predisposed, emotionally and biochemically to becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol and/or certain foods (particularly sugary ones),” she pointed out on her “Characteristics of Men and Women Who Love Too Much” check list. So serious is love …
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