Stop Emotional Eating


Stop Emotional Eating – Stop Emotional Eating – Stop Emotional Eating, the major source of fat weight loss failure and of fat gain. This vid points you to an emotionally touching, funny, and very powerful presentation on overcoming emotional eating. It also leads to a program with many built-in solutions.


Food Speak / What's eating you this holiday season?

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Try out some healthier holiday dishes and offer to bring one you like to your next party. If underlying life problems prevent you from finding ways out of emotional eating, I urge you to consider counseling as way to prevent a more serious eating disorder.
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ADD and Therapy; It's Not so Scary

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I felt the same panic and emotions in the parking lot. I desparately didn't want to change, … I told him I thought I was developing anxiety from the eating disorder and that sometimes I'd get to school and I couldn't get out of my car. On bad days I …
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Disgust May Contribute to Rare Sexual Disorder

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This suggests a role for disgust in either the origin or the continuation of the disorder, van Overveld said. What's tougher to say is exactly how the emotion plays into the dysfunction. The disgust could come first, triggering the pelvic muscle clampdown.


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