Curing Depression and Anxiety- Is Exercise Where It’s At?


Curing Depression and Anxiety- is exercise where it’s at? – These are my personal views on depression and anxiety. I struggle with mild depression and anxiety all the time, and it sucks. Quitting tons of soda and caffeine helped me a great deal, and exercising regularly helped me the most!


Baby's death triggered depression in day care provider, jury told

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For months after little Avin Rominger died inside her day care center in February 2011, Sheila Caceres suffered depression, grief and anxiety, a mental health expert testified Tuesday. She suffered panic attacks, sleeplessness and symptoms so severe …
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Lack of mental-health services endangers kids at risk, families say

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The teenager first sought help in late December for depression and anxiety. She was told to take a bit more medication and sent home from emergency a few hours later, her mother said. But she ended up in emergency again a few days later, and was kept …
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