Trading One Crutch for Another


Trading One Crutch For Another – Drug and addiction rehabilitation is, when structured religiously, not rehabilitation at all. The rehabilitation becomes nothing more than an imaginary crutch. Lessons one can learn when living in a homeless shelter are invaluable, I do not wish to ever go through that again, but I am grateful for the opportunity to learn so much from people who were there. I forgot to include a point, but a viewer was kind enough to remind us all: “What i like about Secular organizations is they also start to target some of the causes of substance abuse, like bullying and open up groups like ABAC ( adults bullied as children ) to deal with it.?” – FattyMcFox Copyright Notice: This video is all my own work, any claims to any portion of it are fallacious. However I do not mind the reuse of it so long as you do not take credit for it. Thank you. Rendered with Blender and Cinelerra, two excellent free programs.


Stroke care options growing in southern New Mexico

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For brain health and reducing stroke risk, NSA and The Joint Commission recommend regular exercise; no smoking; a well-balanced diet; drinking alcohol in moderation; containing high blood pressure and diabetes; eating fruits, vegetables and potassium …
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Fifteen years in prison for man's 'poor decision,' assault of Pukalani girl, 12

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I want and I need rehabilitation for myself." He said alcohol was "a big influence in what I did." Since then, he said, he hasn't consumed liquor for three years. Second Circuit Judge Richard Bissen said police reports included Alba's explanations that …
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Addictive personality disorder: When addictions rule our world

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… and even shopping. For someone with an addictive personality, any perceived gratifying habit can become an addiction. DARA Drug and Alcohol Rehab notes as much as 15 percent of the U.S. population is suspected of having an addictive personality.
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