As Beth Walley Discovered, Obesity Is Difficult to Reverse

As Beth Walley discovered, obesity is difficult to reverse
Over the years, weight-loss plans, medications and doctor's care failed to peel off poundage with psychological setbacks causing her to binge on chocolate and fast food. In 2009, she already had insulin-dependent type 2 … Another program provided … Read more on Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The do's and don'ts of dieting
Do keep a check on what you're eating. Cravings and emotionally-driven desires to binge will only add to the pounds. "Stick to … Don't overdo the diet. Simple rules can help in the long run —more sleep and liquids, less sugar and junk food. Post a … Read more on Times of India

Professionals may also have obesity prejudice
Bias against excess weight is considered socially acceptable and is rarely challenged, she said. Since therapists who treat patients with eating disorders likely see people who have been bullied or victimised for their weight, bias in the therapist … Read more on

Binge Drinking Could Make It Harder For Broken Bones To Heal
A half-cup serving of tofu fortified with calcium (<a href="" target="_hplink">not all brands are prepared this way</a>, points … Read more on Huffington Post

How to Stop Binge Eating and Emotional Eating- The REAL Reason you Binge!
Josie’s new book is here! Get it now at ! This is a high level overview of the real reason we gain weight, the 5 types of Non Hu…