Colorado Parolees: Lax Supervision Leads to Repeat Crimes

Colorado parolees: Lax supervision leads to repeat crimes
Another remained free after two drunken-driving arrests. Nearly all Colorado inmates, 97 percent, leave prison. Many are deemed likely to commit more crimes and have received inadequate social, mental health, drug rehab or job-training skills that … Read more on Canon City Daily Record

'Conan' Recap: Andy Samberg and Slash
Conan added that a republican senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, led an Anti-ObamaCare speech while reading a Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham, while also imitating Darth Vader. The U.S. Post Master General will raise postage … Dog experts claimed an … Read more on

I-TEAM: Several county probation offices scrutinized after false positive test
COMAL COUNTY — A false positive test at a drug testing facility in Pasadena has created quite a mess for three South Texas counties. Probation officials in Comal, Caldwell and Hays Counties recently sent 563 … One of McCollom's random drug tests … Read more on KENS 5 TV

From the Librarian's Shelf…
But now Kurt has checked himself into rehab and found a healing faith that seems real. But then a detective arrives at Alisa's door asking questions about a murder—the death of a drug dealer before Kurt entered rehab. When she finds evidence linking … Read more on Mason County News