Resident Raps Plan for After-Rehab Neighbors

Resident raps plan for after-rehab neighbors
Resident raps plan for after-rehab neighbors. An Alameda apartment complex, with a total of 12 units, will soon be used for graduates of the Astoria Pointe drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and include on-site staff, drug testing and monitoring. Read more on Daily Astorian

Project HOPE sheds light on prescription drug abuse
“The most dangerous time is when someone is going to try to stop [painkillers],” said Anne Constantino, president and CEO of Horizons Health Services, which offers drug addiction rehabilitation and mental health services. Constantino said people … Read more on West Seneca Bee

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Bob Beckel Shares Alcoholism Recovery Story… Browns' Jon Sandusky …. I work with an addiction treatment center near Sacramento and it is indeed true that many people “in the middle” who need help are getting squeezed. I'd like to see much more … Read more on About – News & Issues