Addiction Help?

Question by HairdresserONFire: Addiction Help?
I’m just wondering what kind of treatment there may be for addiction to cocaine?
Thank you guys…..and I thought everyone was evil…..

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Answer by Just Kate
you can get medication from the doctor to help with the detox. Meds like Welbutrin has been known to help. But you might want to check yourself into rehab (in patient or outpatient) depending on the severity of your addiction. good luck

Answer by johnn1949
There are many in-patient and out-patient Treatment programs available throughout the country. Look in your local phone book under “drug” or “alcohol”.
Most the the successful programs work on 12 step program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. There are also Narcotics Anonymous groups in most areas, although there are usually many more AA groups.
Most treatment centers urge all patients to attend AA or NA meetings after treatment.
If you are looking for help for someone else, go to a treatment center and talk to a counselor, but most of all get some help for yourself.
Alanon groups are for family members, friends,etc of the chemically dependent person. You can learn what you should and shouldn’t do to help the addict. Most chemically dependent people don’t get help until they fall flat on their face, and sometimes they need someone to trip them.
If you are looking for help for yourself start by going to an NA or AA meeting. Getting throught that door is the biggest and hardest step.
There are some AA meetings that that discourage non-alcoholics ,but I think most welcome any chemically dependency. If you happen into one of those ,just find another meeting.

Join the group of friends you didn’t know you had, who will tell you their stories, how it was, and what it is like now.

AA,NA, and Alanon are all listed in your local phone book and are completely free if you can’t afford to inpatient treatment

It’s never too late to quit if you are still alive.


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