Essay Help!…Need Topics for the Media and Its Influence on Eating Disorders…?

Question by pat: Essay help!…need topics for the media and its influence on eating disorders…?
I need atleast three main points that i can make assertions about how the media influences eating disorders

Best answer:

Answer by Vanessa
hmmm well do…
magazines: especially fashion ones like vogue showing thin girls in the expensive clothes rather than larger girl
tv shows: girls on shows like the hills, 90210 etc. are always thinner.

just say that young girls who are going through puberty are usually trying to figure out who they are, they haven’t really developed a high self-esteem yet so they are inspired by shows and magazines that they admire, and coincidentally the girls they look up to are thin. But also say how magazines are trying to show more plus sized model. ummm lol thats all i got

Answer by Sarah Stunde
1.)all the skinny models
2.)tabloids of supper skinny famous people with eating disorders
3.)guys that only want to date supper skinny people
extra:fat people getting made fun of on television


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