Employment Medical Check: Do I Say I Had Depression at One Point?

Question by michelle: employment medical check: do I say I had depression at one point?
Was offered a job overseas. They say I have to pass medical check before I can sign the contract. The medical form asks all kinds of invasive questions (which I find offensive). Including one asking if I have ever had depression, or took “psychiatric medications.” It’s been many years since I had it and I’ve been perfectly fine, do I have to put down that I had or can I just say no. What would you do?

Best answer:

Answer by DR. Clary
No. It is normal to experience depression from time to time in every human. Its when you have it chronically that you should say yes. You are perfectly fine

Answer by Justanotheryahooligan
Asking those kinds of qs are not invasive, after all you are applying to work at a medical facility where they deal with people whom have issues like mental illness….answer the qs honestly, just because you have had mental illness does not necessarily mean you wont get the job. Good luck =)

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