You Are Beautiful


You Are Beautiful – this is a public service announcement i created for my senior project, “The Butterfly Campaign.” it’s a body image/eating disorder prevention campaign. i’ve …


Hope College researcher to examine whether brain circuitry impacts eating
“There is a very strong relationship between the onset of puberty and eating disorders,” said Fraley, a neuroscientist. “So this research investigates one brain circuitry that overlaps both. If we can understand the circuitry, perhaps we can understand … Read more on The Grand Rapids Press –

Five easy ways to stop the spread of thigh gap obsession
4. Help someone with an eating disorder. "Eating disorders are highly communicable," Hemmen says. "If a girl who's 98 pounds is hating on her body and saying how fat she is then her entire friend group feels the effects of that." 5. Encourage media … Read more on

Scientists plan to fight obesity from birth
“Our study has shown the circuitry that controls appetite is not fixed and could possibly be manipulated numerically to tackle eating disorders. “Our hope is that drugs could affect these stem cells in such a way that more appetite suppressing neurons … Read more on Scotsman