Would You Consider This an “Eating Disorder”?

Question by : Would you consider this an “eating disorder”?
Would you consider this being “sick” and needs help; A person who is 18, 5’0, weights 100lbs. Was 95 about two months ago. Goal weight is 90-85. Constantly worrying about weight, what to eat and not eat. If two meals a day are consumed then they are made up by eating once the next day or two. Working out 3 times a week for two hours. Eating less then 1500 calories a day. Fear of being 105lbs.
Formerly 120lbs.

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Answer by cynica
But this person certainly is becoming obsessed with the fear of gaining weight. I suggest this person speak to a dietitian or their gp who can come up with a healthy and safe eating plan.

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James Cry For Help eating disorder – Daily Uploads : Struggles of life of an 800 lb person. Hola Spanish Community James has died. Thank you for your Prayers and well wishes. James had a difficult life. He had a very severe eating disorder. Fortunately he was very proud that he stopped eating in one day enough food to feed a family for a week. James needed an environment to enhance his healing. He never received the proper treatment. Why do we not treat obesity as other illness? The system failed James. How many more obese patients is the system failing?


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