Winnipeg Moms Make Video to Spread Post-Partum Awareness

Winnipeg moms make video to spread post-partum awareness
“It's very hard to know that I was there, at that point, I could have killed both myself and my son,” said Ternes, who suffered from post-partum depression. Ternes feared for her son, so she gave custody to his father. “Every time I went on a new … Read more on CTV News

Vive la Difference, Part 3
She will be much less likely to suffer postpartum depression if you, Dad, help with the night feedings!) A new mother needs more sleep than ever yet is less likely to get it with a newborn in the house, so she needs help. Hormones also interfere with … Read more on

Post-Partum Depression Not Just for Moms
Post-Partum Depression Not Just for Moms ABC World News with Diane Sawyer.