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Postpartum Depression Support

Postpartum Depression Support — The founder of the award-winning blog, “Postpartum Progess”, shares her story with Joyce Joseph. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http:/…

New Maine East High School group raises awareness about depression
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How Common Is Depression in Adopted Children – as Adults?

Question by Suzanne: How common is depression in adopted children – as adults?
I have a couple friends who were adopted as children.

But one especially has dealt with depression for years. He seems to bounce from counselor… Continue reading

Postpartum Support Charleston Helps New Mothers Suffering From Postpartum

Postpartum Support Charleston helps new mothers suffering from postpartum
But that goes away when the hormones get back in line and balance themselves out," says Holly Fisher, president of Postpartum Support Charleston. "But if a woman is continuing to… Continue reading

Postpartum Depression?

Question by Mom to Isobelle 2, & Gavyn 8mths: Postpartum depression?
Is it possible to get postpartum depression 4 months after you had baby? I was excited and happy through my pregnancy and about 2 months after… Continue reading

Postpartum Depression Is No Mere 'Baby Blues'

Postpartum depression is no mere 'baby blues'
And this difficulty is more common than any of us may have thought: As many as 1 in 7 women suffer from postpartum depression in the year after childbirth, according to a major… Continue reading

Can You Give Me Some Information on Depression?

Question by TOmmie: Can you give me some information on depression?
Someone I know has been diagnosed with some sort of Depression disorder. She tried to kill herself by taking a lot of pills. She… Continue reading

How to Recognize the Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

How to recognize the symptoms of postpartum depression — It’s normal for new moms to experience stress and fatigue, so how do you know when it’s something more serious? Dr. Nehama Dresner discusses how to recognize…

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How to Overcome Depression – My Best Advice That Shows You How to Overcome Depression

How to Overcome Depression – My Best Advice That Shows You How to Overcome Depression — How to Overcome Depression – My Best Advices That Shows You How to Overcome Depressio…

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Postpartum Depression?

Question by PixiFairy: postpartum depression?
how would someone know if they have postpartum depression? any advice for someone who thinks they might have it? like who to talk to, where to look….etc. thanx.
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Where Can I Receive Free Depression Counseling in Tallahassee,FL?

counseling for depression
by SS&SS

Question by Isis2008: Where can I receive free depression counseling in Tallahassee,FL?
My friend(male) is going through depression. He is willing to get counseling, but he does not have a lot of money to spend on sessions. Any… Continue reading