Why Do White Women Use Post Partum Depression as an Excuse for Murdering Their Children?

Question by Coco 2: Why do white women use Post Partum Depression as an excuse for murdering their children?
Statistics says that 40% of the white children 17 and under will most likely run away from home to avoid becoming a “Post Partum Depression” victim. 60% of the white children 17 and under will lose their lives in the hands of their “mentally stabled” mother.

FYI: Did you know that Post Partum Depression does not make a caring and loving mother hurt her own children?

If it was a black woman who murdered her children, “Post Partum Depression” wouldnt be her defense!

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Answer by Mark
Well, some women actually DO have post-partum depression, but using it as a defense for murder is kind of ridiculous (though I know people do exactly this). The other one that cracks me up (it doesn’t work very well any more, but it still happens) is white women who are having sex outside of their marriage and somehow are caught (but not in the act) say “a Black [Latino, Asian] man RAPED me!” Like I said, this is so corny, no one believes it anymore, but some people still try do it, with variations: “a Black [Latino, Asian] man drowned my children in the lake” is the most common.

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