[Current Biological Hypotheses of Recurrent Depression (Review).]

[Current biological hypotheses of recurrent depression (review).]

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Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2012; 112(11 Vypusk 2 Depressija): 29-40
Mosolov SN

A review of the recent data on the biological mechanisms of depression, including the ?onoamine hypothesis, the diathesis-stress model and the chronobiological model, is presented. These and other biological hypotheses are viewed in the aspect of the current genetic, neurochemical and neuroimaging studies as well as in relation to different treatment approaches. Depression seems not to be a homogenous disease and may be caused by different factors. Genetic factors and stressful life events play an important role in the young age. Chronic stress, chronobiological disturbances and comorbid somatic disease are relevant to middle-aged and elderly people. Moreover, recurrent and chronic depression are accompanied by cognitive impairment, social dysfunction and neurodegeneration. All these factors should be taken into consideration in the development of personalized complex treatment programs.
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[Manic-depressive psychosis – bipolar disorder – an affective spectrum: a change of paradigms.]

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Zh Nevrol Psikhiatr Im S S Korsakova. 2012; 112(11 Vypusk 2 Depressija): 21-28
Avedisova AS

A key role of cyclicity or polarity in the development of mood disorders is examined in the light of historical analysis of the concepts of these disorders. A critical analysis of the current trends in the study of bipolar spectrum disorders (suggestions on a new definition of hypomania, broadening of the diagnostic boundaries of bipolar disorders in the field that have not been regarded previously as pathological ones or in connection with bipolar disorders, supporting evidence for conceptual continuum between bipolar and unipolar disorders) is presented. Further studies in this field are warranted.
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