Why Are Two of the Side Effects for Depression Medication “depression” and “suicide”?

Question by I Wasn’t Given A Name: Why are two of the side effects for depression medication “depression” and “suicide”?
That doesn’t sound helpful at all.

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Depression Medication. Paxil versus Wellbutrin, my Experience. – This is a blog telling you guys about my experience with both paxil and wellbutrin, as well as talk a bit about zoloft. It might come as a surprise to my viewers that I have been diagnosed with depression, but I feel that this is an important topic, as people with depression should take medication because it has changed my life and could potentially change theres. I forgot to mention that Wellbutrin is slightly more expensive than Paxil. With our insurance, paxil (10 mg) was only about 15 cents for a month supply, and Wellbutrin (150 mg) is about .50 for a month supply. I don’t know how much this varies depending on your insurance, but I know that Paxil is known for being cheap. Also, with Wellbutrin you CANNOT drink alcohol. I drank one (yes, one) beer when I started taking wellbutrin and it made me throw up all night. Horrible. so, if you drink you might want to consider that when choosing an anti-depressent. Paxil did the same thing to me, but not as immediate as WellButrin. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. DO NOT SELF-PERSCRIBE ANYTHING TO YOURSELF, AND CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT WHICH DEPRESSION MEDICATION COULD POTENTIALLY WORK BEST FOR YOU. THIS IS JUST MY EXPERIENCE, AND YOURS COULD VARY COMPLETELY.


Device helps long-term depression sufferers

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For the past three decades, Bate, now 62, has been what she calls "a functional depressive." She took medications — as many as four at a time — that kept her suicidal thoughts at bay but did little else. Sometimes to distract herself from her …
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Squicquero: Tips for alleviating seasonal affective disorder

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In addition to light therapy, more traditional treatment of depression is recommended, such as psychotherapy and antidepressant medication. Some people have found that a short winter vacation in warmer climate helps as well. Break the cycle of …
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