Who Should I Tell That I Take Psychiatric Medications?

Question by Telescope Galaxy: Who should I tell that I take psychiatric medications?
I’m not taking anything yet, but soon I’m going to start taking antidepressants and most likely low-dose mood stabilizers too. Depression, anxiety, and mild bipolar disorder. This is after I’ve tried a lot of things and after I went from being a great student to being a horrible student. I can’t let this stuff get in the way anymore. I’ve been unhappy, unfocused, and basically lost for a few years. I try to keep people from finding these things out, but I realize it could be dangerous to keep something like that secret. I’m seeing a counselor and will tell three close friends that I trust about the medication I’m taking, but is that good enough?

I live with my mom, but I really don’t want her to know. She doesn’t really believe in medication and would try to tell me I don’t need it. I’m 19, so it’s not her business, but I really don’t want her to know. I would feel almost dishonest though, hiding medication and taking pills when she’s not looking. I’ll probably have to tell her. But she’d tell her boyfriend too, and hopefully not any relatives. I don’t live with my dad, so I doubt I’ll tell him or any relatives I don’t live with.

I only plan on telling three close friends, but the thing is, I don’t hang out with those three together. The main “group” I hang out with is one of those three friends with one or two other guys who have no idea about this although they have noticed the changes in me and have been concerned. Should I tell them I’m getting treatment? I just worry about “everyone” knowing. I also realize that if it’s night time and I have to take something and I’m hanging out with these guys, it might be odd if I had to excuse myself at a certain time every night we hang out.

So who should I tell? It’s not something I’m proud of. I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed by depression or mental illness, but I am. It’s not known as a “tough, manly” kind of thing. I’d appreciate anyone’s help and input. Thanks.

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Answer by Pedals
If you comfortable tell you mom. Although, if u think he opinion might make you feel worse…i would just not tell her. And to be honest, i dont see the need to tell friends, sometimes it’s ok to keep personal things to yourself. but thats just what i would do. You make the choice that makes you happy.

Good luck!!! 🙂

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