What Presidents Were Never Elected President?

Question by Astr: What Presidents were never elected President?
It’s common knowledge that Ford was never elected President or Vice President. But is this a complete list of Vice Presidents who came to be Presidents without EVER winning an election for President?

Millard Fillmore
Chester Arthur
Gerald Ford
William Taft
Warren Harding
Qbert P – you’re right about Taft. I got a little confused because I remember Wilson was having some health issues and thought he died in office).
Nice! I have a thing for obscure Presidents.

I had forgotten about Johnson and Tyler (like every American doesn’t know who they are haha). And mistakenly named Taft and Harding.

So the list of Presidents who were NEVER elected President

Chester Arthur
Gerald Ford
Millard Fillmore
John Tyler
Andrew Johnson
to Paco – Perhaps someone can correct me but I don’t think Ford was next in line for the Presidency. Carl Albert was the Speaker of the House (and next in line for the VP slot) after Agnew resigned. Albert was a Democrat. He found it odd that there would be a Democratic VP for the Republican Nixon so they went to the strong charactered Ford (the house minority leader).

Ford never would have become anything according to the 25th Amendment of Presidential succession. He was nominated and confirmed.

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Answer by Alex
Ah, this I am not entirely sure of.

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