Who Do I See to Find Out if I Have BDD?

Question by Aimee: Who do I see to find out if I have BDD?
I am almost positive I have BDD (mental disorder of a distorted image of your body). It’s nothing new, I’ve felt this same way since 5th grade (I constantly obsess over my weight, can’t stand how I look and obsess over my thighs and biceps mostly), I don’t starve myself but I do eat healthy. I want to be positive on if I have it or not, but I don’t know who to see, since I doubt it’s my usual doctor. I know it won’t help any, but I’m only 17, 5’6″ and 117lbs, so it’s not like I’m “technically” overweight, it’s how I see myself though.

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Answer by katy k
You’re not overweight at all. You should see a psychiatrist to be diagnosed. If this is what you have, there are medications that will help. Or just getting some therapy may do the trick too. Have you tried excercising to work on your problem areas? Most girls are unhappy about parts of their bodies. It’s what you do about it that counts.

Answer by thalesgirl
Yeah, that’s too much of a burden to carry. I’m glad you have insight (i.e., you know you worry too much) because it gives you a good chance of a better recovery. Your usual doctor can give you a referral for a psychiatrist or psychologist or social worker, or ask a friend who goes to therapy (especially if they like their shrink) to get a referral for you.

OR, Google “eating disorder therapists” in your general area. I’m not suggesting you have an eating disorder (sounds like your weight is OK) but it’s all part of the same big family of professionals. You can ask on Yahoo! Answers about therapists in your area, but then you’ll be giving everyone info about where you live, so proceed with caution.

Good luck to you. Don’t live alone with this, life can be so much better.

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