Skyrocketing Heroin Use in Central Oregon

Skyrocketing heroin use in Central Oregon
“It's just a matter of time before somebody offers you the heroin or you know where you can get it,” said Barrett Hamilton, a recovery mentor at Best Care Treatment Centers in Redmond. “And even though you may have already said, 'I'll never do heroin … Read more on Bend Bulletin

Narconon Freedom Center Joins NIDA Offering Marijuana Info For National
Narconon Freedom Center Michigan joins the NIDA for National Drug Facts Week giving away the myth busting booklet “10 Things Parents May Not Know About Marijuana.” Albion, MI (PRWEB) January 29, 2014. Narconon Freedom Center joins forces with … Read more on Midland Daily News

Heroin deaths, police seizures and addictions on the rise in Genesee County
And heroin-related admissions at publicly funded treatment centers in the county are at "epidemic" levels. In Genesee County and the state of Michigan, experts say, heroin is second only to alcohol in the number of addicts who report it as their drug … Read more on