Where Is the Border of Chemical Imbalance and “Simple Depression”?

Question by Leila: where is the border of chemical imbalance and “simple depression”?
How do you know that you have a chemical brain problem that leads to depression and need medication or you are just “simply depressed”? I never took any medicine and never will, because I know my problems and I am working on them. I just wonder if we can say, that there is just not enough serotonin produced because it is an illness, or it is a mix of circumstances in our life that we get depressed? I know many people affected with this problem and even the smallest task seems impossible during the day.

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Answer by DipFort42
No such thing as simple depression. There are three types. Acute, Clinical and Chronic Depression. Also, do not confuse despondency as a depressive state. Being despondent is a normal emotion that everyone experiences when they are going through some sort of disappointment,failure, unrealistic expectations and/or their needs are just not fulfilled.

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