Parkinson's Disease Leads Woman to Stylish Hobby

Parkinson's disease leads woman to stylish hobby
But since being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease almost four years ago, she has been encouraged by her doctor to pick up a hobby to help battle depression that often sets in with the disease. Bunch chose … Some are even child-size, sporting the … Read more on Anchorage Daily News

Repeated mental health screens in the schools
Even the best screening instruments for depression do not produce a diagnosis suitable for decision-making about treatment. Screening must involve two stages, the administration of a brief screening instrument, and follow-up of children who screen … Read more on PLoS Blogs (blog)

What are psychotropic drugs doing to autistic children?
Currently, no drug exists that will cure autism or treat the core symptoms. However, doctors will prescribe psychotropic drugs to help manage a child on the spectrum who suffers from inattention, depression, seizures or high energy levels, according to … Read more on Deseret News