Where Can I Get Help? in Alabama?

by wallyg

Question by pureblood american: where can i get help? in alabama?
Ok, im a 20 yr old male addicted to drugs who is seeking for help..I have tried outpatient rehab but relapsed almost instantaneously i was not away from the outside world long enough.. But i have a problem my parents insurance says there arent any available inpatient rehabs in the state so what im asking is if any1 knows where i can get into a gov. funded rehabilitation program “if there is such a thing:” or a half way house where i can work to pay my stay..im lookin to get clean and stay that way please help…. in northern alabama preferbably

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Answer by Drake F
Tuffen up go Cold turky bro.. you shouldent of got addicted… Per Presher?? HAHAHA

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Narconon Drug Rehabilitation – www.narconon.org Find a Narconon drug rehabilitation treatment center. Narconon staff give professional care to people wanting to live drug-free lves. Drug addiction is not an incurable disease. A drug-free life is possible. The drug rehabilitation program takes anywhere between 3-6 months depending on the person coming off drugs or alcohol. There is hope. There is Narconon. (PSA by www.dolcefilms.com)


by wallyg

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