Help Me Name a New Building for a Nonprofit… Playing on a Phoenix Rising From the Ashes?

Question by I’m still learning: Help me name a new building for a nonprofit… playing on a phoenix rising from the ashes?
We are a nonprofit serving homeless neighbors in need that has outgrown its current facilities. In the past 25 years we’ve fine-tuned the “one-stop” model of rehabilitation for adults and children experiencing homelessness in San Diego. Continuing our commitment to outstanding service, we have designed a “three building in one” solutions to better meet the needs of those we serve. The new structure will be efficiently designed to allow us to address three specific areas of need: a child development center, long-term transitional housing, and permanent affordable housing.

We are NOT a short term, over night homeless shelter, but a nonprofit that embraces our neighbors who search for change… we provide a hand up, not a hand out. We have 900 men, women and children living in our buildings that are reaching for success through our various vocational programs, medical services, rehabilitation programs, etc. We have a high success rate of over 80% staying off the streets for more than 5 years.

With all this in mind… we would like to name our new building. We are thinking along the lines of a phoenix rising from the ashes. We do not want to name it the phoenix center because we do not want to be mixed up with the well known “Phoenix Center” rehab program.

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Answer by Niceguy
How about “Rebirth Community Center”

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